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Therapist - Raphaël Vangelista

Raphaël Vangelista

Petit-Lancy, Suisse, Suisse
  • Certified Level 1 Practitionner

Raphaël Vangelista has been passionate about health and healing for close to two decades. As a therapist he has evolved and improved his skills using a variety of techniques including physiotherapy, energy osteopathy and craniosacral therapy. His intuition has guided him to the Love Energetics technique. Today he is grateful to help and share Love Energetics healing.

Therapist Information

Spoken languages: English, French, Italien


Phone: (079) 738-5939

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Place of principal practice

Office address 28 Route de Chancy, Petit-Lancy, 1213, Suisse, Suisse Accessibility

Secondary place of practice

Office address Accessibility

Offered services

  • Session Level 1 - Group healing
  • Session Level 1 - Remote
  • Session Level 1 - In-person

Specific skills

  • Experience with children and babies
  • Experience with people with disabilities
  • Therapeutic massage