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Therapist - Nathalie Bohm

Nathalie Bohm

Saint Julien en Gènevois, France, France
  • Certified Level 1 Practitionner

Energy therapist and naturopath iridologist, Nathalie Bohm holds several certifications in various healing modalities. She works with future mothers, young children, teenagers as well as adults who are experiencing physical and psychological pain.

Therapist Information

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French


Phone: +33 (0)6 19 20 49 27


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Place of principal practice

Office address 1 rue Paul Aubry, Saint Julien en Gènevois, 74160, France, France Accessibility
  • Accessible by public transit
  • Free parking available nearby
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Secondary place of practice

Office address Accessibility

Offered services

  • Session Level 1 - Group healing
  • Session Level 1 - Remote
  • Session Level 1 - In-person

Specific skills

  • Experience with children and babies
  • Experience with people with disabilities
  • Therapeutic massage

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