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Healing Sessions

Awakening Self-healing and Embracing Well-being

In our on-the-go culture of today, we are constantly moving and preoccupied with the multitude of tasks that seem to await us. As a result, most of us are unaware of the stress, anxiety and tension that builds up within until it manifests into diseases, disharmonies and significant discomforts. When we reach this stage, we stop and recognize there is something within that needs our attention and, hopefully, we seek the appropriate help. Sometimes we are told that we must learn to live with these newfound discomforts and we are then at a loss as to how to release and undo these tensions. 

In our scientific and logical world of today, we know that the basis of cellular components are molecules and molecules are held together with energy. Therefore, at its source all that affects us can be seen as blockages preventing the fluid movement of our energies. When we look at ourselves from this perspective, we awaken a whole new world of profound healing, one that can alleviate our chronic issues and bring us lasting well-being. 

What can Love Energetics do for me? 

Love Energetics has multiple effects on the mind and body. Looking at the physical, Love Energetics:

  • Corrects postural problems with neither physical manipulation nor pain;
  • Progressively reduces physical symptoms;
  • Relieves or complete releases physical pain;
  • Eliminates accumulated toxins in the body; and
  • Enhances and accelerates the natural self-healing process.

Looking at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, Love Energetics:

  • Decreases stress and anxiety;
  • Relieves or complete releases emotional pain;
  • Frees repressed emotions;
  • Improves our feeling of inner calm and peace;
  • Increases our ability to deal with physical and emotional pains;
  • Facilitates lifestyle and other changes you desire;
  • Enhances your personal, family and professional relationships; and
  • Expands your way of seeing and living as well as your belief system

Love Energetics transforms you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How does Love Energetics produces lasting effects? 

Love Energetics is a type of energy healing that works at the source of our diseases, disharmonies and discomforts by releasing the buildup of dense energies. Because Love Energetics treatments work at the root of issues, changes are lasting.

Undergoing a Love Energetics treatment is a liberating experience. As blockages are diminished our physical body feels lighter and our mood or attitude improves. In other words, when we receive a treatment and clear our energy blockages we are accessing an improved version of ourselves that is more calm and harmonious. The process of liberating dense energies is known as shifting our consciousness. When we shift our consciousness we produce permanent transformation.

Love Energetics healing with a practitioner 

Our practitioners have received hundreds of hours of training and undergo yearly or biennial upgrades. They receive intensive instruction and supervision to ensure that the multiple facets of the Love Energetics therapy are well integrated. With over 150 hours of practice in clearing energy blockages, our practitioners provide powerful healing sessions with ease and gentleness. Treatments with one of our certified practitioners will transform how you view healing.

Love Energetics self-healing

The basics of the Love Energetics technique can be learned by anyone. You need no prior experience in energy healing. Learning Love Energetics can help facilitate a profound change in consciousness and thus instigate deep healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Love Energetics is a unique energy healing modality that when learned, it naturally allows the practitioner to liberate blocked energy just by applying a simple treatment protocol and letting go. Practicing Love Energetics empowers you to heal yourself easily and naturally.

Some client testimonies 

“Love Energetics has allowed me to regain sovereignty over my body. It is a magnificent way to reunite with perfect health, which is within the very Heart of my body and soul, and from which I have been “separated” from, at some point in my life-path.”

Sophie Guyonnet

“An unforgettable experience! The energy of love simply opens consciousness and the heart, leading to incredibly and radiant discoveries about oneself and the Universe.”

Lucie Debellay