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Foundation Workshop – Edmonton

Foundation Workshop - Edmonton

Foundation Workshop - Edmonton

Organized by Love Energetics

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Event description

Over three days you will learn an extraordinary healing method based on the quantum Heart field and the principle of “non-energy”, specific to Love Energetics, as well as a comprehensive healing protocol.


You will witness how Love Energetics distinguishes itself from traditional energy healing methods (e.g. Chi, frequencies, vibrations, etc.) and be amazed at the incredible potential for healing and transformation that resides in the quantum Heart.


With 12 hours of theory and 12 hours of practice, you will develop skills for self-healing and for supporting wellness in others. You learn how Love Energetics provides deep, lasting liberation and transformation. You will not only accelerate the natural healing process but also facilitate your ability to live from the Heart. In passing from a consciousness of duality to one of unity, you will learn how to apply Love Energetics to manifest your desires. 


The Foundation Workshop is the quintessential mode for a new age in accelerated healing and transformation. Come join the practitioners who have found lasting well-being and contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.


You Will Learn

  • How to connect and activate the quantum healing power of the Heart
  • A unique and extraordinary healing protocol
  • How to apply the healing protocol to yourself and others
  • How to accelerate inner changes and live according to your Heart
  • How to manifest your deepest aspirations


Applicable discount of $175 for a second-time participation: please use the promo code “LEF-2” upon checkout.

Event registration

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Atelier Fondation / Foundation Workshop

495.00 $CAD
Address To be confirmed, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Date From 2019-04-05 to 2019-04-07
9 am to 6 pm
Language used
  • English

Love Energetics

Love Energetics® is an innovative healing technique, discovered and developed by Yvon Dubé, founder of the School of Love Energetics. This quantum therapy releases blocked energy patterns and stimulates self-healing. The Heart is at the center of this approach; it allows the Love Energetics® therapist to access a space where remarkable healings can occur. The main benefits include:

  • Correction of postural problems without physical manipulation or pain;
  • Release of energy blockages;
  • Relief and / or complete release of physical and emotional pains;
  • Decreased stress and increased feeling of inner calm;
  • Release of repressed emotions;
  • Elimination of toxins accumulated in the body;
  • Strengthening and accelerating the natural healing process; and
  • Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually well-being.