Love Energetics

Our mission is to train practitioners to be proficient in heart-based quantum healing and the use of Kundalini to heal body and mind.
​Whether you wish to discover quantum heart healing through a short course or if you feel the calling to be certified as a quantum therapist, our training sessions are accessible to all.


Love Energetics

Notre mission est d'enseigner la guérison quantique grâce à la connexion au Cœur et au pouvoir transformateur de la Kundalini pour reconnecter les gens à leur pouvoir inné de guérison du corps et de l'esprit.
Que vous souhaitiez découvrir la guérison quantique par le Cœur par une brève formation ou que sentiez l’appel de thérapeute quantique, notre démarche sert à faciliter la diffusion de formations accessibles aux personnes concernées.
Yvon Dubé, ​founder of Love Energetics method

​The Call of the Heart

du Coeur

After a career in computer science, I listened to the call of my Heart to get involved in energy healing. Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi work, and the expansion of consciousness all led me to get a certificate in naturopathy.

​Then in 2008 my life changed again: my Heart opened to the universe while I was meditating. Not long afterwards, I discovered a new method of healing my patients: quantum therapy. It all started when I was dealing with a tough case of sciatica. Nothing I did relieved the pain. Then, intuitively, I connected to my Heart and let go of everything else. My patient immediately felt relief. Impressed, I tried the same method with my other clients, which gave the same incredible results.

​​Convinced by the power of this new discovery, I perfected over the course of 2 years how to connect to the Quantum Field by using a special heart-based meditation and to use it in a comprehensive healing protocol.

Enthousiaste et convaincu de la puissance et de l’efficacitĂ© de ma dĂ©couverte, j’ai peaufinĂ© durant 2 ans la procĂ©dure de connexion au CĹ“ur et j’ai crĂ©Ă© un protocole unique de soins quantiques.

I called this new technique Love Energetics. Wanting to share my discovery with others, I founded a School in 2010. Despite being intuitive and experimental, I soon realized that scientific research supported my findings as to the benefits of this quantum healing therapy.
During the workshops that I led, I witnessed many Kundalini awakenings, something that never happened in my previous energy courses. It was clear to me that the connection to the Heart and the application of the quantum method contributed to Kundalini awakenings, this vital and divine energy present in each human being.  Working with Kundalini and the Quantum Field opens up new perspectives regarding how to work with this energy to bring about notable improvements in all facets of our lives.   
Today, I am very active in the field doing treatments and sharing my knowledge and expertise at conferences and through webinars. I conduct training sessions, both for the general public and for professionals. Because I want people to experience the benefits of the Love Energetics therapy, my courses are not just theoretical but also hands-on. This allows people to take charge of their own health, finding the power to heal both body and mind.  

“Je crois que le CĹ“ur est beaucoup plus qu’un organe. Par une connexion spĂ©cifique au CĹ“ur, nous sommes tous en mesure d’accĂ©der Ă  l’incommensurable champ quantique pour apporter harmonie
et bien-être dans notre vie.”

- Yvon Dubé -

“​I believe that the Heart is much more than an organ. By connecting directly to the Heart, we can access the immeasurable quantum field in order to bring harmony and well-being into our lives.”

- Yvon Dubé -

​The Love Energetics School

Love Energetics

​The School, located in Montreal, offers workshops and two professional certificate courses. The workshops are held in both Quebec and Europe.

​As of June 2019, we have trained and certified 150 therapists in Canada and Europe and approximately 2,500 people have taken part in workshops. While the School has catered to French-speakers from its beginnings, it is now expanding to reach the English-speaking community both in Canada and elsewhere.

​The School has set up a team of coaches to assist Yvon Dubé during workshop and professional training activities. These coaches are first and foremost experienced professional therapists. They provide quality personalized coaching and are more than happy to accompany you on the Journey of the Heart.

​Accréditation par le RITMA (​Québec)​​​​

L’École est, depuis mars 2020, accréditée par le RITMA (Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative et Complémentaire). C’est une reconnaissance importante de la valeur de notre enseignement professionnel pour former des thérapeutes de grande qualité.

Nos ThĂ©rapeutes certifiĂ©s pourront ĂŞtre accrĂ©ditĂ©s par le RITMA Ă  titre de ThĂ©rapeutes en mĂ©decine alternative et complĂ©mentaire après avoir cumulĂ© le nombre d’heures de formation exigĂ© (400). Dès lors, ils pourront Ă©mettre des reçus d’assurances Ă  leurs clients pour  un remboursement partiel des honoraires payĂ©s.

Formations reconnues pour cette accréditation : Fondation, Kundalini, Certification niveau 1, Certification niveau 2, formation continue pour Thérapeutes certifiés.

Nos formations sont déductibles d’impôt (au Québec)

Depuis plusieurs années déjà, Revenu Québec reconnaît l’École et permet à nos étudiants québécois de profiter de déductions fiscales. Cette mesure s’applique autant à nos Ateliers d’introduction (Fondation et Kundalini) qu’à nos formations certifiantes (Thérapeutes niveau 1 et niveau 2, formation continue pour Thérapeutes certifiés).

​Our Values

​Serve with passion and Heart

​Act with love, compassion and humility

​Promote change and innovation

​Encourage self-healing

​Foster honesty and transparency in all interventions