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What is Love Energetics?

Love Energetics is an innovative and powerful healing technique that clears blocked energy patterns within your body and stimulates self-healing and expanding consciousness. It allows you to connect to the quantum field through the Heart, giving the practitioner access to a powerful space of healing capable of shifting the root causes of dis-ease.  

Almost a decade ago, healer and teacher, Yvon Dubé, intuitively stumbled upon a means that allowed him to instantaneously heal his patient’s sciatic nerve. He had momentarily entered into a special connection with his Heart. After two years of cultivating and refining, he launched the Love Energetics modality.

Love Energetics will be exhibiting at "The metaphysical & spiritual Show of Montreal" where demonstrations of "Non-energy" will be done at our stand.

Mr. Dubé will be sharing his life-changing technique, through a two-hour introductory lecture that allows you to discover the Quantum Healing Power of the Heart, as well as through a 3-day Foundation Workshop.

                Love Energetics at The Metaphysical & Spiritual Show of Montreal.      
                Come visit our stand to experience the extraordinary healing power that resides within your heart!

                Love Energetics Lecture: The Quantum Healing Power of the Heart       

Join Yvon Dubé to discover the multiple facets of the Love Energetics method. Volunteer for one of the live healing demonstrations and feel how the Quantum Healing Power of Heart can transform your life in a very short time. Scientific findings, including thermography, biofeedback, postural and blood analyses, will be presented. 

Thursday November 22 , 2017

7 to 9 pm

Atwater Library Auditorium 
1200 Avenue Atwater 
Montreal, QC H3Z 1X4
Cost: 15 $ online
20 $ on-site


Love Energetics Foundation Workshop  

                In this 3-day transformational Foundation Workshop, you will experience, first-hand, the Heart as a Gateway to the Quantum Field, where healing can happen in a Heartbeat. You’ll learn to apply the basics of the Love Energetics protocol and to fast-track healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels with the use of “Non-Energy”.  You’ll be astonished and delighted by how quickly you can integrate this powerful protocol into your life. It is ttried-and-true, only awaiting for your willingness to engage with Heart. 
                winter-Montreal             December 1st to 3rd 2017
9 am to 6 pm, each day

Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown-Hotel Europa 
Incognita Conference Room
1240 Drummond St.
Montreal, QC H3G 1V7

Cost: 450 $

                                              About the Founder

For over 20 years before his fortuitous discovery, Mr. Dubé explored and taught numerous energy and alternative healing techniques, giving lectures all over the world. Since Love Energetics, he teaches how to access the Heart gateway to use the quantum field for transformation at all levels of being (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing). After a hundred workshops, over a thousand of students have praised the Love Energetics modality. 

Student Testimonials 

“I learned how to liberate my emotional and physical pains with a very simple method!” 
Marie-Josee Guillemette, Canada, 2016

“I think if I had started with this workshop, I would never need other training…the transformations were beyond my expectations.”
 Josée Hanna, Switzerland, 2016  
“Today, I know where I'm going, what I want and where I should be. I have no fear.” 
Caroline Hacquart, France, 2016 


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