How does Kundalini fit in?

kundalini-quoi-photo1    What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is universal consciousness stored as vital life-force energy in all of us.

Until recently, Kundalini remained dormant in most people, but humanity is entering a period of awakening, and the Kundalini phenomenon is at the forefront of this global transformation.

Kundalini is no longer reserved for the mystical elite. People from all walks of life are now spontaneously living their own Kundalini experience.

When Kundalini awakens, it rises from our pelvic region and moves up our spine. Along the way, it activates, clears and harmonizes our primary energy centers, which regulate our bodies. Kundalini is an incredibly powerful tool that changes our consciousness and transforms our being in a deep and lasting way.

Kundalini’s been poetically described as a serpent of light or the purifying liquid fire inside us. Each Kundalini awakening is as unique as each of us. It’s a divine gift for our continued evolution.

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What is the connection between Love Energetics® and Kundalini?
Kundalini awakenings spontaneously began during my very first new Love Energetics workshop. Considering there were no awakenings during my other energy workshops, it was obvious the connection between the two was really worth exploring!

We observed, over the course of more workshops, that the Love Energetics Treatment Protocol behaved in a very similar way to activated Kundalini. Considering the way Kundalini rises through and cleanses the body, we realized that Love Energetics was paving the way for this powerful energy to be released.

At first the Kundalini risings were very strong and demanding for the therapists and the people awakening. This meant we had to develop effective techniques tailored to working with this energy. We needed to figure out how to handle the lion once free from its cage! Our continued experiences with Kundalini allowed us to create a solid protocol with Kundalini-specific techniques. This led to the Kundalini Workshop we offer you today.

Level 2 Kundalini Certification introduces the latest discoveries in our Kundalini work. The training perfectly equips you to work with the increasing number of people experiencing Kundalini symptoms, which continue to elude medical science.

The aim of this workshop is to meet the growing need for properly trained therapists prepared to work with this powerful and awakening energy.


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