What is Love Energetics?

approche-photo1-v2    Love Energetics is an innovative healing technique that clears blocked energy patterns within your body and stimulates self-healing.

The Heart is instrumental to this quantum therapy. The Heart provides the Love Energetic’s therapist with access to a powerful space of healing. Connecting with the quantum field of the Heart offers freedom from deep-seated emotional blocks, relieving a wide range of symptoms and illnesses. Our Love Energetics protocol was further enhanced to harmonize vital energy points throughout your body to enable progressive and lasting healing.

This quantum therapy’s consistently positive and far-ranging results never cease to amaze all who experience them. Relieved of symptoms, people feel lighter and experience a lasting sense of well-being. Many people describe the experience as a “quantum leap” in their personal lives as well. 

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The benefits include
  • Correcting your posture problems painlessly and without performing physical adjustments
  • Releasing your energy blocks
  • Helping relieve and clear away your physical and emotional pain
  • Lowering your stress and heightening a sense of inner peace
  • Freeing your suppressed emotions
  • Helping release and eliminate toxins stored in your body
  • Boosting and accelerating your natural healing process
  • Releasing blocks in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical realms
Non-Energy and the Heart Connection

In Love Energetics quantum therapy, energy in its purest form—non-energy—can be easily accessed through a special connection with the Heart. This non-energy is known as Wu-Chi in Taoist traditions or pure consciousness in meditation and yoga.

It’s different from what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Chi or what Hinduism labels Prana. It’s instead the source and unlimited potential that underlies all energy forms and relates to what Lao Tzu described as the state of ‘non-effort, non-action and non-control.’

Non-energy permeates the entire cosmos. In an atom, it’s the space between the electrons and the nucleus. When the Heart connection is properly mastered, it can easily access this non-energy, which is quantum in nature. Access to this quantum dimension opens the access to manifesting by intention—an astounding and surprisingly efficient process.

Accessing non-energy via the Heart connection allows your Love Energetic’s therapist to facilitate extraordinary healing. Moreover, this knowledge and skill can be leveraged to help you achieve alignment with deep-seated aspirations, enabling you to manifest profound change in your life. 

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