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Live blood imaging

In live-blood imaging, a drop of blood is viewed under a fiber optic microscope and projected onto a monitor.

These are some examples of what can be determined from live blood imaging:

  • The health and efficiency of red and white blood cells
  • Whether the red blood cells are free-flowing or clumped together
  • The health and clarity of the watery plasma that transports the cells
  • Whether crystals consist of fats, chemicals or other debris
  • The pH balance within the body 
  • The quality of the immune system

The live blood imaging results shown below was performed before and after a Love Energetics® session lasting approximately 75 minutes.

The second image shows a marked improvement in bloodstream quality (i.e., the formation of the red blood cells has improved as there is no clumping).

Conventional therapies such as homeopathy can take several months to achieve similar results.

 Live blood imaging (images taken before and after a LE session):

blood-reading-1-small blood-reading-2-small

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