Love Energetics® Lectures

Love Energetics® lectures are unlike any other.  The two-hour sessions will not only satisfy your intellectual curiosity about important questions of energy and non-energy, health and wellness, and conscious connection with the Universe.   They will invite your Heart to engage, trust and remember your experiences and observations.  You’ll have a firsthand opportunity to observe and perhaps experience the tangible and transformational power of Heart Energy.

Join Yvon Dubé  for an engaging lecture with astonishing findings and memorable demos.   Learn more about the amazing possibilities that exist within each of us, and how to awaken them in a heartbeat. 

Offerings now available in ENGLISH.  French –speaking co-creators may want to consult our French site for additional lectures and training opportunities (right click at top of home page to change languages).  TO ORGANIZE SPECIAL SESSIONS FOR LARGE GROUPS, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE.

The Quantum Healing Power of the Heart

Whether you are new to holistic health or a seasoned holistic health practitioner, this session promises to engage you.  The incredible Power of Heart Energy to heal and to connect us to higher consciousness is observable and boundless. 

On a pathway to personal wellness, or as an adjunct to a healing practice in massage therapy, naturopathy, or energy work, the Love Energetics® protocol will fast-track your journey - with Heart.

Join us and learn more about:
  • The role of the Heart as a Gateway to healing 
  • First-hand experience of Energy and Non-energy
  • An overview of the Love Energetics® Protocol and its source for Founder Yvon Dubé
  • The fundamentals concepts of the Love Energetics® and their impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of wellness  




conf-kunda    Kundalini: Extraordinary Potential for Transformation

Join Yvon Dubé as he demystifies Kundalini – a potent vital life-force energy in all of us and a divine gift for our continued evolution.  Until recently, this poetically described “Serpent of Light” remained dormant in most people but humanity is entering a period of awakening and the Kundalini phenomenon is at the forefront of this global transformation.  Come and discover groundbreaking ways of working with Kundalini, and appreciate its interconnectedness with the Heart.  Through this lecture and live demonstrations, you will gain a broad perspective on its remarkable therapeutic value, as well as its how it can be used as a safe and fast-track method to developing higher levels of consciousness.  No longer reserved for the mystical elite, people from all walks of life are now living their own Kundalini experience. 

Join us and learn more about:
  • The Love Energetics® Method and Its Connection to the Kundalini Phenomenon
  • Basics Notions about Kundalini Potential
  • Benefits of an Energetic Awakening
  • Demos of Kundalini in Action


Manifest Your Dreams - with HEART!

manifest-your-dreams-site Whether or not we do so consciously, we are all co-creators of our lives.  So just how can we connect with this creative power within us?  How can we attract our most profound dreams and aspirations, attracting to our lives that which we most desire?  Yvon Dube explores these powerful themes, building on his own experiences and the discoveries he has made in the course of his healing work.  Enjoy numerous demonstrations and discover for yourself the infinite potential that lives in our hearts.

Join us and learn more about:
  • Recognizing what you are truly longing for
  • Attracting these things into your life
  • Healing your emotional baggage and aligning with your authentic self



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