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CSE-2    To schedule a Love Energetics® session, please consult the Love Energetics® practitioner directory. The directory includes certified therapists as well as therapists currently in training. The abbreviation “CERT N1/L1” in the right-hand column indicates that the therapist has completed Level 1 training and is an officially certified Level 1 Love Energetics® Therapist. The abbreviation “AN/FC N1/L1” indicates that the therapist is also a Certified Level 1 Love Energetics® Facilitator.

To make an appointment with a therapist of your choosing, click on his or her icon for contact information.

It is also possible to schedule an appointment with Yvon Dubé, founder of Love Energetics®, at the Centre de Santé Énergétique (CSE) located in Montreal.

The Centre de Santé Énergétique was founded by Yvon Dubé and is devoted to energy work. This place of healing can welcome several clients at the same time, from Monday to Friday. Please click on the logo below to make an appointment online with the Love Energetics® therapists at the CSE.



  Yvon DUBÉ


“It begins by releasing emotional wounds in order to deliver genuine healing.”
“For approximately twenty years, I’ve been trying to rid myself of some powerful negative emotions created by many traumatic events. Because I am a firm believer in the body-spirit relationship, I opted for an approach that was psychological (IBP and EMDR) as well as physical (osteopathy, massage, etc.). I was progressing towards well-being at a snail’s pace and the whole healing process was exhausting. I contacted Yvon in the spring of 2010. It was the “last chance” appointment for me. Due to my difficulties in managing my emotions, I was beginning to see medication as a means of putting my suffering to rest. My first Love Energetics session gave me so much hope. From session to session, my emotional shells were gently and quickly dissolving. At the same time, my tensions and muscle pains were diminishing, allowing a better alignment of my bone structure. I can now live instead of simply surviving. Thank you Yvon.” Anne, Montréal.


“Connecting to our authentic Being.”

“After the treatment, I was relaxed and fell off into a deep sleep. I cannot remember the last time I felt so calm and so full of contentment inside. The next day, my intestines were relieved. This was followed by another release… After a week, I still feel great. This is a treatment I recommend to all those I love because it brings such a feeling of inner peace. Thanks again Irène.”  Denise Deziel, Montréal

More testimonials…

“Finally an approach to healing that goes straight to the heart of the matter. The Love Energetics® method heals the body, the heart and the soul. My chronic night pains are much rarer now and this, after only a few sessions, without mentioning the inner feeling of well-being… It is a physical as well as an emotional healing. Thank you Richard!” 
Nadège Malarmé, Montreal (QC)

 “For almost three years, I was unable to lift my right arm. After just three sessions of Love Energetics®, I can move it as if nothing were ever wrong, and there is no pain. This is really a new method to discover. Thank you Donald!” 
Roland Duclos, Ste-Perpétue (QC)

“Each time I receive a Love Energetics® session, I feel as though I’ve been readjusted and set right again. My back pains have practically disappeared. For first time in years I haven’t complained about the winter. Anne-Christelle, the energy you channel is really gentle and powerful. Many thanks!” 
Rabah Bouberras, Montreal (QC)

 “For years I had shoulder pain that was a daily limitation for me and prevented me from sleeping at night. I was stunned by the results of Love Energetics® after just one treatment! I used to have to resort to cortisone injections to numb the pain. Thank you Stéphane for your wonderful healing.”

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