Foundation Workshop



During this workshop, you will learn to
  • Access the quantum field of your Heart and its remarkable capacity for healing
  • Work with the power of intention and the non-energy technique
  • Correct posture issues in a heartbeat without performing physical adjustments
  • Apply the Love Energetics® Treatment Protocol to accelerate the healing process
  • Incorporate advanced techniques to make your healings even more powerful
  • Manifest your deep-seated aspirations
  • Perform self and distance healing
Interested in learning more?

The Love Energetics Foundation Workshop introduces participants to a healing method that differs from traditional energy work (e.g., using Chi, frequencies, vibrations, etc.). You will be captivated by the innovative non-energy technique that is at the core of our Love Energetics therapy. Its near-instant effects exponentially improve the healing process!

The Foundation Workshop is available to people who want to learn about this new healing method without registering for the entire certification program. All participants can tap into these valuable skills for self-healing, or to help others. The workshop is for beginners and experienced therapists.




Previous participants - New Love Energetics policy

In some cases, a second workshop is needed in order to bring about deeper personal awareness and change. As a result, we offer previous participants a CAD$175 discount or €175 discount when re-registering for the Foundation Workshop.

In other words, if you’ve already taken this workshop, you can attend it again—and this time around you can enjoy the new 3-day version, which includes more practice time. The number of spots reserved for previous participants is limited to 10 per workshop.

This policy is exclusive to the Foundation Workshop and doesn’t apply to other workshops offered by Love Energetics.


Participant testimonials

“Again, thank you for the Love Energetics Foundation training that was absolutely incredible! I’m still amazed at the results of this workshop. On the first half of the first day, I was already confidently working with non-energy… surprising since before the workshop I knew nothing about non-energy. I am in awe as to how I’ve discovered the accessibility of this healing method for myself and for others. In your training sessions, you always give with such generosity and for this I thank you with all my heart. See you soon… at the next workshop!”

Ginette Goudreau, Blainville (QC) 

“Thank you, Yvon, for this absolutely incredible and extremely rewarding workshop. I also want to thank Anik, Irène and Annayelle who are very caring, patient and professional assistants. All four of you have truly been guides. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to bring true change into their lives. The training was a real quantum leap for me. I am already looking forward to doing more training with this great team. Many, many thanks—I am just filled with love and gratitude.”

Danielle Geoffroy, Montréal (QC)

“The Love Energetics Foundation Workshop allowed me to perform impressive healing by simply diving into the energy of my heart. The one word that kept coming into my mind over the weekend was ‘WOW!’ I sincerely recommend this workshop to everyone.” 

Jean-Marc Lavallée, Montréal (QC)
Béatrice Courau

“I have always been interested in alternative medicine, but could never settle on any one particular path… With Love Energetics, I think I’ve found my vocation!”  

Béatrice Courau, Versailles, 

Sylvie Julliard   
“I enjoyed the simplicity of the explanations. The instructor really knows how to make his experience accessible to all participants. The many hands-on exercises allow for rapid progress. Ever since the workshop, I have been healing myself on a daily basis using this method. I try to connect with my heart as often as possible throughout the day.”

Sylvie Julliard, Pruzilly, France 

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