Kundalini Workshop

During this workshop, you will learn to

  • Recognize Kundalini in your clients and detect indications of awakenings
  • Go beyond conventional notions of Kundalini and use this amazing energy to heal yourself and others
  • Work with non-energy to facilitate Kundalini work in yourself and others
  • Understand the effects that Kundalini has on the energetic body
  • Measure your progress before and after a Kundalini awakening session 
  • Incorporate new and advanced techniques to greatly facilitate your Kundalini work
  • Master the Love Energetics® Kundalini Protocol using non-energy

Interested in learning more?

Do you want to know more about Kundalini and how to welcome this energy into your life and other people’s lives?

The Love Energetics Kundalini Workshop allows you to apply the knowledge you gained in the Love Energetics Foundation Workshop to the growing phenomenon of Kundalini awakenings.

As with all other Love Energetics workshops, the theoretical contents of the Love Energetics Kundalini Workshop are complemented by extensive hands-on practice. These practice sessions with other participants will reveal the amazing efficiency and intensity of Kundalini, as well as help you integrate ground-breaking ways of working with Kundalini. 

The powerful energy of Kundalini resonates between people. As a result, if a participant at the session experiences an awakening, other awakenings will tend to follow. If you’re interested in manifesting this energy in your life and the time is right for you, participating in this workshop will be a decisive factor in your awakening.


Participant testimonials


anik-vincent-love-energetics-therapie-quantique   “Since the workshop, I’ve been visited by Kundalini regularly and am increasingly able to control its movements, which I have come to look forward to. Kundalini has found its way into my life to make me grow as a person. This may all sound cliché, but it’s the truth. I am growing quickly; my heart was open before, but today it’s even more so. My goal now is to abide in this energy of light and love embodied by Kundalini.”

Anik Vincent, Beloeil (QC)

“Who would have thought that such a liberating force was just waiting for the right time to awaken within me? I can’t even fathom how many difficulties have been resolved in my life thanks to Kundalini. I am infinitely grateful for all the help I received during and after the workshops. It’s literally like having a new life!” 

Annayelle Grosjean, Montreal (QC)


“I loved this demystifying approach to Kundalini. How wonderful to be able to manage my own Kundalini, and that of my patients! To experience such a range and intensity of emotions! And to be able to share it all with others! I left the workshop feeling like I had met my family… It was just tremendous! Thank you so much… It was more than just a rewarding experience; it was a turning point in my therapeutic practice and my personal life.” 

Odile Ducasse, Toutouse, France  
Françoise Pires-love-energetics-therapie-quantique  

“What an extraordinary experience I had last year, and again 15 days ago… I have felt so much joy. It has opened the way to higher levels of awareness and an immense, unconditional love! I wholeheartedly recommend this method!
I now practice Love Energetics on most of my clients. It really accelerates and deepens their healing… I no longer even feel I am the one doing anything. WOW! Just unbelievable!”  

Françoise Pires, Houilles, France 


“During the Love Energetics Kundalini workshop, I reconnected with something very deep within me. Something I had been looking for for a long time—the joy of living! Now, I can feel the energy through my body and I feel truly alive. Kundalini opens the heart and reconnects us with divine love.” 

Hélène Collin, Mont Saint-Hilaire (QC)

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