Why learn to work with your Kundalini?

kundalini-love-energetics                 Kundalini is a powerful energy that creates profound changes in our consciousness. This natural phenomenon manifests intense energetic, psychological and physical effects that move us into more subtle states of consciousness. Ultimately, Kundalini invites us to release behavioral and identity patterns so we can realize our essence of existence, our self.

Having a support system during our transformations helps us evolve naturally, and is highly beneficial. The Love Energetics® Kundalini Protocol (Level 2) builds upon Therapist Level 1 competencies and adds specific skills to help Kundalini therapist’s activate, guide, center or moderate Kundalini, depending on what is most appropriate.

Kundalini awakenings are increasingly common in the general population, but because Western medicine doesn’t yet acknowledge Kundalini, symptoms can be misconstrued as pathologies.

Kundalini-like symptoms can easily be verified using the Love Energetics Level 2 Protocol, allowing the therapist to provide appropriate support during your awakening process.


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