Training Programs Overview


Our Love Energetics Training Program offers people interested in energy healing and quantum therapy to become certified Love Energetics therapists. It was carefully designed to meet the needs of all participants, irrespective of background.

The program is more specifically geared towards massage therapists, reiki practitioners, energy healing practitioners, medical and paramedical professionals, as well as anyone who is open to and interested in learning and incorporating elements of Love Energetics into their lives.

Some of our interns are interested in using our approach to develop and improve their existing practices, while others wish to master the techniques and use this simple and incredibly effective healing method.

Regardless of your goal, our Love Energetics team will go that extra mile ensuring you’re offered an outstanding, first rate training.

Each workshop draws on visual media and instructional materials that help participants easily follow along as the training progresses. We make it a priority to strike a balance between theory and practice. The key concepts outlined in theoretical courses are systematically connected with demonstrations so that each and every participant can understand how the knowledge is applied in real life.
Our workshops are highly interactive and give future therapists opportunities to try out and experience the techniques taught over the course of the program. Throughout the training, future therapists are guided and supervised by a team of experts who are trained and equipped to support learning, helping each participant succeed on every level.

Our Love Energetics Training Program has two levels:

Love Energetics Level 1 Certification allows future practitioners to access the quantum healing power of the Heart and qualifies them to use the Love Energetics healing method as certified Love Energetics Level-1 therapists.

Love Energetics Level 2 Certification introduces future practitioners to the extraordinary potential of Kundalini energy and qualifies them to use Love Energetics Kundalini healing as certified Love Energetics Level-2 therapists.

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      > Are you a massage therapist or reiki practitioner?

 > Are you an energy healing practitioner?

   > Do you work in a medical or paramedical field?

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Love Energetics® training might be just what you're looking for!



The "practice" portion of the program
The greatest benefit of our training lies in the many hours of practice integrated into the curriculum. You’ll develop your skills and abilities over the course of the workshops, but also through your own regular practice.
We’re convinced that skills are best developed through practice, which is the key ingredient for outstanding healing, and your resulting success as a therapist.

The workshops naturally create deep connections. Often these connections include your life outside the classroom, which is why we encourage you to get together with other interns and form practice groups.
As a participant in the full program, you will also experience working with real clients in the context of supervised practice sessions.
Foundation and Kundalini Workshops

The Foundation and Kundalini Workshops are open to anyone who wishes to learn more about these subjects without going through the entire certification program. These workshops can be attended independent of the other workshops offered to individuals enrolled in the certification program.