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Join speaker, healer and writer Yvon Dubé for a captivating and hands-on introduction to Love Energetics®. Through a 120-minute presentation and a series of demonstrations, you'll be able to actually experience some of the benefits of the approach.  This out of the ordinary, interactive session will introduce you to the extraordinary healing power that resides within your heart.  Join us from 7 pm to 9 pm.
Dates: 2017-11-22 - 2017-11-22
Location: Atwater Library Auditorium @ 1200 Avenue Atwater, Montréal, QC H3Z, Canada
Cost: $15-$20 CAD
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Whether or not we do so consciously, we are truly creators of our lives.  So just how can we connect to this creative power within us?  How can we manifest our most profound dreams and aspirations, attracting to our lives?  Speaker, author, and healer, Yvon Dubé tackles these power themes, building on his own experiences and the discoveries he has made in the course of his healing work.  Enjoy numerous demonstrations and discover for yourself the infinite potential that lives in our hearts.

Dates: 2017-11-28 - 2017-11-28
Location: Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown Hotel Europa @ 1240 Drummond St., Montreal, QC H3G 1V7
Cost: $15-$20 CAD
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In this 3-day transformational workshop, you will learn the Love Energetics® technique and how to apply it through the protocol, which facilitates healing in a heartbeat. You will connect through the Heart Gateway to the Quantum Field, to fast-track physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the use of “Non-Energy”. You’ll be astonished and delighted by how quickly you can integrate this powerful method into your life. It’s sound, tried and true, and it awaits only your willingness to engage with Heart. 9 am to 6 pm in the Incognita Conference Room.
Dates: 2017-12-01 - 2017-12-03
Location: Best Western Plus Montreal Downtown-Hotel Europa @ 1240 Drummond St., Montreal, QC H3G 1V7, Canada
Cost: 450 CAD
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