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Heal yourself and others

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The Love Energetics® training program is designed for those who want to be introduced to this new healing method and who will later master it. Throughout the various workshops and practice sessions, (some individual and others supervised), students will gradually acquire the skills required to effectively provide Love Energetics® healing.   These valuable skills can be used for self-healing or to help others.

Love Energetics Lectures


Come and have a unique experience with Yvon Dubé, founder of the Love Energetics® healing method. Each conference begins with a series of demonstrations that show the many benefits of Love Energetics® therapy.

Upcoming Events

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This summer, attend to this double event

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. ~ Bouddha.


Join Speaker, Author & Healer, Yvon Dubé

at the 41st Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference

on August 17, 2016 for Lectures & Demos


The Quantum Healing
Power of the Heart

2pm to 4pm
Registration on the IIISH website
                In this highly interactive lecture, Yvon presents the essence of Love Energetics® method through a compelling visual presentation and plenty of first-hand demonstrations.  You’ll learn the fundamentals regarding the quantum field of the Heart and how it is used to connect to the Unity Consciousness within.  This state is different from what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Chi or what Hinduism labels Prana. It’s instead the source and unlimited potential that underlies all energy forms and relates to what Lao Tzu described as the state of ‘non-effort, non-action and non-control.’ When the Heart connection is properly mastered, it can easily access this state of Oneness, which is quantum in nature. Access to this quantum dimension opens the access to manifesting by intention—an astounding and surprisingly efficient process for healing. Moreover, this knowledge and skill can be leveraged to help you achieve alignment with deep-seated aspirations, enabling you to manifest profound change in your life.       
Kundalini, Fast track
to Unity Consciousness

4pm to 6pm
Registration on the IIISH website
                Kundalini is potent vital life-force energy in all of us. Until recently, Kundalini remained dormant in most people, but humanity is entering a period of awakening, and the Kundalini phenomenon is at the forefront of this global transformation.  Kundalini is no longer reserved for the mystical elite. People from all walks of life are now spontaneously living their own Kundalini experience. Kundalini’s been poetically described as a serpent of light or the purifying liquid fire inside us. Each Kundalini awakening is as unique as each of us. It’s a divine gift for our continued evolution. 

In this lecture, Yvon discusses ground-breaking ways of working with Kundalini.  You will get a broad perspective on the therapeutic aspects of Kundalini, and how it can be used as a safe and fast-track method to developing higher levels of consciousness.  Discover how Kundalini and the Heart are intricately interconnected. You’ll learn that the Heart is in fact a gateway to the state of Oneness, and it’s not only a powerful tool to awaken Kundalini, but it also brings harmony and grace to the process. You’ll also get the opportunity to see Kundalini demos in action as well. 

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